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Move Over Tiger

Since Donna’s post on the 2nd of December there has been a lot of wind pass over the top of Dogonit. We note even the seagulls walk in Wellington and a sunny day seems to comprise of 10 minutes of sun peeking through the clouds. Between the threat of a major earthquake, the weather (just over the last month) and the proximity to the central government and all the warm air blowers that seem to migrate with the sole purpose of blowing either warm or hot air WE do not think this is where we will spend our last years sucking oxygen.

The stay for 9 days at Plimerton NZMCA was challenging weather wise but we met up with some OLD acquaintances of Donna’s and had a jolly old time with tea and sandwiches with Joe and Trevor one day and tea and biscuits with Karen and Greg the next. I must not omit the fact the Joe bought a CAKE on the first day – it just happened to be a birthday cake – Random as it was no bodies birthday but was delicious anyway. In all seriousness it was good to catch up.

We loaded the old mattress on the truck wrapped in a ground sheet and off to the Salies who were grateful for the donation. Didn’t dare tell them that all the ZZZ’s had been used up but oh well maybe next time. Around the road to Harvey Norman and loaded up the new mattress and back to Dogonit – Yea what luxury.

The wind was blowing and the sun was shining (for 10 minutes) when we got up the next day and we decided that it was another great day for a bike ride. Well off we went heading on a cycle track to Pukekura Bay. I had to stop a number of times as I was sure that Donna had attached a rope and I was towing her and the dogs. The wind was that strong that the dog cart was working as a sail and I had to pedal on the downhill sections. We turned around at Pukekura Bay and the trip back took half the time with the tail wind.

We met up with the only other Montana 3120RL in New Zealand and we had an informal rally with 100% attendance.

We have been living on Dogonit for 12 months. That is even taking into account the Wuhan Flu lockdown. We seem to have a settled into a pattern of moving house.

Tuesday the 1st was moving day and we travelled up the coast to Otaki  Golf Course.

I have acquired a half set of clubs – Many thanks Bo for assisting in the logistics of getting them to me. I have had the evening with the course to myself to practice the finer art of losing the golf balls. To date I have lost 2 and found 8 golf balls. The dogs just love the fairways with the short grass and spend their time rolling and chasing each other. If I could only train them to find golf balls it would be all good.

Even went for a stroll along Otaki Beach – Pleasant ??

Bored one wet afternoon and well the photo’s say it all. Where is the Christmas Elf!!!

Moved on again on the Saturday to Fielding (Donna’s Home Town). We parked at the Coach House Museum and Donna sent the word out that we had arrived. Saturday saw Denise and her two children arrived for a visit early afternoon followed by Donna and Christine. Donna went to primary school with Donna and the stories were all about the opening of the very first school in the Manawatu that they both attended. Well can’t have been too far off it anyway.

Sunday morning was the Fielding Christmas parade with the old tractors being pulled of the museum to form part of the parade. The horse and buggies along with the contribution from the air force were gathered next to us. Stu and Dave who had transferred from the UK when Donna was working for the Airforce visited and stayed for coffee.

To make the day Sue who nursed with Donna in Waiouru came for tea – it was good to catch up with all that visited in the weekend.

We have made an attempt to set the theme for the festive season and are starting to embellish Dogonit both indoors and out.

Today being a work day with the sun shining and the wind all but gone – summer is finally here and we do feel for the unfortunate that work.

Time to replenish the larder and the booze cabinet for the next part of our journey which starts tomorrow.

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