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Cape Palliser and Before

We had a very quiet night in Featherston behind the library. The weather unlike up north was tranquil and dry. Nice late start with having to wake Mac and Rose at 7:30 when the call of nature forced me out of the fart sack.

Leashed the dogs and walked to the dog park where we found Mac a new ball which is manky and old just like he likes them. Rose did her usual where she had to do number twos after leaving the dog park with the bins specifically for dog poos. Opposite the Featherson Police station was a general park waste bin which saved me having to carry the green plastic bag.

The Featherson Saturday farmers market (only in Featherson and only on Saturday) was in in full swing when we got there. It is small but very good for fresh produce and BACON Butties. Fresh produce took the back burner as with two dog leashes and two bacon butties I had very little room for veg or eggs. Donna was gratefull for the small token of sustenance for breakfast.

Departed Featherston at approximately 10:00 am on route to Cape Palliser. We took a detoured route from what the Mrs Garmin wanted and after multiple “recalculating” we went past the old World War 1 training camp and were disappointed as there is no memorial where it had once been.

Driving down into Palliser Bay was just another WOW moment especially as the Cook Strait was a mill pond – Unfortunately we could only see a faint outline of the south Island due to the low cloud.


The road around Palliser Bay towards the light house was good an experience that would have better suited a four wheel drive.



We had a great experience with seals sleeping next to the road and the rugged coast line. It was hard to believe that at the light house we were more southerly than Nelson and Blenheim.

Due to the signs saying that long vehicles should not proceed we turned prior to arriving at the light house. I do not think either of us really were upset. (the track looked steep and long).

We traveled back along Palliser Bay had lunch and then parked at a POP (Park over Property) for the night. Very quiet and the view exceptional. Hoping to go fishing but the host advised that it was just a graveyard for fishing tackle due to the kelp and the rocks. Boo Hoo for me.


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