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‘Owaka’ a beautiful, no…………wet morning

Following our 24 hour interlude at Paptowai we headed for Purakaunui where we intended to spend the night after almost off-roading up a steep hill. We arrived at the DOC camp however the ground was really soft following rain and there were no areas to safely park. The beach was seal-free and the wind was up so we stayed for a short while after giving Mac and Rose a run on the beach and discussed our next destination; a POP in Owaka with the intention of heading to another POP the following night at Nugget Burn.



We arrived at the farm of Gordon and Coralie who were our hosts for the night. We met their two boys who fell in love with Mac & Rose and they showed us a place where we could safely walk them. The night was relaxing and we were given some fresh eggs by Gordon – yummy!!

Mac and Rose met the two hand-raised sheep and although they got up close and personal;  there were trust issues (mainly on Mac’s behalf who has never forgotten the potential adoption by a sheep at Steve and Anne-Maries).

A relaxing morning later we headed for Nugget Point to walk to the lighthouse but the weather is again inclement – wind was up; view is non-existant due to low cloud and rain  so we shelved the  to stay at Nugget Burn (POP) and headed for Balclutha to stay at a motor camp and do laundry etc. We have spent the day relaxing and intend to head to Subway for dinner (trying to be healthier).



Where’s the lighthouse…………………….?


We have exciting plans as we head into gold-rush territory…………….watch this space!

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