Two old wrinklies with two west highland terriers Traveling New Zealand

Mt Cook

Spent two days in Tekapo having  a roast beef dinner with Yorkshire puddings for dinner on the first night while temperature outside dropped to  0 degrees again.


After dinner we went for  a walk to look at the night sky. Unfortunately no photos of the stars so you will have to put up with a photo of our stars under the spotlight.


Next morning after the dogs rolled in the icy grass we went for a walk to Tekapo metropolis. On the way we passed the monument celebrating McKenzie and his dog and the church of the Good Shepard as well as two bus loads of tourists.



Spent the day relaxing and planning our travels today. What a waste of time as we did nothing planed today other than leave Tekapo.

Left Tekapo heading south – I had no idea the expanse of the MacKenzie Basin. Lake Pukaki was another gem with chilled blue water stretching back to Mt. Cook.


Off we went to see if the snow was down to a level where we could enjoy the dogs frolicking on the snow. Disappointment as the snow had all but disappeared but did manage some snow.



The scenery on the journey up to Mt Cook was again epic and hopefully sitting in the rest home messing myself in time to come I can remember the scenes as vividly as to day.

Traveled on to Twizel and are staying at the Combined Services Club for the night.


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