Two old wrinklies with two west highland terriers Traveling New Zealand

In a land far, far away………near Twizel

So the intrepid quad are currently hunkered down on a canal near Twizel watching the rain in the comfort of Dogonit.

We stayed at the Combined Services Club in Twizel……not much to say we paid $5.00 to stay out the back and almost got stuck in the mud at one stage. Found a reasonably stable patch of grass and headed in for a drink before dinner. No meals available (Fir, Sat, Sun only) but were offered some savouries while we enjoyed our beverage.

Dinner that night was simple – fried rice and sausages and then relaxing until bedtime.

The next morning was off to the laundromat…….expensive exercise in Twizel!! In my next life I will own several of these and live high on the hog lol!!! The laundry took most of the morning due to a young man who took ownership of all the driers but we eventually finished and headed off for Ohau Canal B. This area is off-limits except for Meridian staff but NZMCA has an agreement for members who can park alongside the canal……beautiful location!!

We parked and took Mac and Rose out to check out their new premises; lots of interest in the birds fishing the canal. We are close to the High Country Salmon farm but sadly no salmon rod only trout rod in our possession.


Rod got his trout rod out and once tackle set tried his hand at the art of fly fishing. He looked the part but unfortunately the bank is steep and difficult to cast when you are learning so he spent some time practicing casting without tackle.


We were joined by another RV- Graham and Jan who were spending the night here. Poor Jan had taken a fall off her e-bike and fractured her humerus 4 weeks ago and they had spent the time recovering in Cromwell. It is one of the reasons why we walk as I can fall over quite comfortably closer to the ground lol. We spent time with them talking RV stuff and then headed back for dinner………chilli (YUM)!!

Mac and Rose have been reluctant to go out for their ablutions this morning even with their raincoats on but they did come with Nanny for a walk to the bridge. As we crossed, it gave me an idea how big the salmon farm really is. When I stopped Mac and Rose went to the edge to look over and once they realised they were on a bridge they splayed their legs and looked at me like I had betrayed them.


The weather is closing in and it was quite blustery last night – wind and rain but today although it has been raining the wind has dropped and the sun is shining but within a half hour the wind is back up…..took Mac and Rose for a walk and the wind was so strong I couldn’t even draw a breath lol.

We are undecided whether to stay for another night as we know the weather is supposed to be crap over the weekend…………….watch this space.

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