Two old wrinklies with two west highland terriers Traveling New Zealand

It has been a pretty busy day today……an early start to check in for our 6 monthly COF which we passed (would have been extremely surprised if we didn’t lol). We took the dogs for a walk and found The Warehouse where we needed to pick up a stainless steel dish for the Baby Q BBQ and a coffee then it was back to VINZ to pick up Dogonit and head to Pak N Sav for dog meat.

We then headed off to Lake Tekapo and the scenery was amazing!! It may be cold and still iced up in the shade but the sky was blue and not a cloud to mar the colour. The snow-kissed peaks touched the blue sky and glistened like millions of diamonds were scattered over the snow.


We saw some interesting sights along the way that definitely reminded us of England…..particularly the free-range pigs in the fields with their shared and single accommodations lol. Nice to see; even piglets out annoying mum.


We arrived at the NZMCA site on the lake-side and were not disappointed!! Lots of sites in the sun so we could charge our solar panels and a fantastic leash-free dog park alongside. There were numerous rabbit droppings to hold the interest of a couple of curious westies to keep them occupied. Took a walk along the lake side then it was down to business mincing the dog food (thank goodness for the amazing generator!!!)



Dog food done, dishes washed, lunch eaten, RV swept out and it was time to relax with some cider/wine/chippies while our roast beef cooks in the Baby Q. We will be having yorkshire puds thanks to my wonderful husband (this description changes at random and mood lol)


I am looking forward to snow falling as it has been a long, long time since this happened……..not sure if this wish is practical while in an RV lol but we are keeping warm and toasty!! We have decided to stay here for a night or two and will move on when the mood takes us………loving living the dream!!

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