Two old wrinklies with two west highland terriers Traveling New Zealand

Ealing ???

Said our farewells to Heather this morning. Our many thanks for the hospitality and great company Heather. Time to move on south prior to heading in land.

The trip from Christchurch to Ealing was uneventful and with the overcast showery weather we did not get to see much of the Alps. I must admit the contrast of traveling from Hastings with John and traveling with Donna to Ealing are like comparing watching Frozen to watching the latest Rambo movie. By the way John is quite fond of Frozen. I enjoyed the journey with John but I must be diplomatic here as I have a long journey ahead with Donna and announce that my preference is Donna.


Arrived at Ealing NZMCA camp and 1:30 pm and promptly ran a muck and got stuck in some soft ground. Donna told me to go there (as stated earlier I am telling the story). We were very lucky not to be the only ones here. Jan and Wilf of no fixed abode (yes Johnny Gypsies) came to the rescue and helped us out of the muck.


Mac and Rose looking at the tracks we left when we towed out.

Wilf and Jan invited us to happy hour over at their place and we had a great early evening prior to returning to Dogonit and a Thai Curry with rice for tea.

Up early in the morning as heading into Timaru to get our COF for Dogonit. Hopefully this goes smoothly and we will be on our way into the hinter land.

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