Two old wrinklies with two west highland terriers Traveling New Zealand

NOT so winter-less south

John and I headed south from Kaikoura last Thursday with our destination set for Kaiapoi the location where we would find lusty sheep and prim and proper ladies. (Strange how the mind plays tricks when all your traveling partner can talk about is how he enjoyed watching Brokeback Mountain two nights befoe we departed).

Waiting at one of the many road controls along the coast Mac and Rose wanted to see what was going on. Johnny picked up Rose and Mac climbed onto my lap. Sitting waiting for the on coming traffic to clear I realised that why the truck drivers had a rye smile on their faces as they passed by. Talk about judging a book by the cover – glad I can never be accused of jumping to conclusion re two old men sitting in a motor-home with two little white fluffy dogs sitting on their laps. (I really believe Johnny was in his element.)

Arrived at the lovely Heather’s just after lunch and had a most hospitable tea and drinks before retiring to the Motor-Home for my last night with Johnny.

Next morning I dropped Johnny off at the airport – it is hard to console such an emotional man and had to promise I would call in and see him in the future just to get him to piss off and catch his plane. (It is great being the creator of the story)

Donna spent the day sanitising  Dogonit just to make me feel that all the cleaning that had been done fastidiously over the previous week was in vain. Just a hint for the next road trip I embark on as to where to prioritise  my time and effort.

We have had a great time at Heathers and are preparing to embark on the next leg of journey tomorrow to the NOT so winter-less south

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