Two old wrinklies with two west highland terriers Traveling New Zealand

Dog Tails

Finally the Hoomans have capitulated given in and are allowing the more important members of the family have their say.

On the whole the Hoomans are treating us okay with Poppy being the chauffeur/dog walker/barber and Nanny being the caterer/groomer. They do try hard but need to pick up the pace with the walking and the food. As for the grooming Nanny needs to back off as we are more than capable of licking ourselves clean and we try to emphasis this at night when they are trying to sleep.

I am Mac a male West Highland Terrier and love to play with balls – If Poppy had not been a complete arse and had the vet take mine when I was a pup I would have been happy playing with my own but now I rely on the hoomans to throw the ball for me.

I am Rose and my purpose in life is to find anything lovely and smelly and roll in it and take the smell back inside so everyone can enjoy it. The Hoomans have no sense of smell and keep washing it off. The most fun I have is when I hide Boney my stuffed toy and watch the Hoomans spend time looking for it as I refuse to go to bed without it. Gullible Hoomans!!!!

We enjoy the travel most of the time except where the Hoomans stay where there is no grass to play on. Poppy usually takes us for morning walks and expects us to do number ones and twos on command and then walks that fast we do not get to smell where all our relatives have relieved themselves. We do however enjoy going number twos in the longer grass and watch the Hoomans pick it up in a plastic bag.

The bike rides are lots of fun and the wind in our face is neat. The only problem is when the Hoomans see a bar they have to stop and have a drink. This happened on the New Plymouth Boardwalk ride and we just got warm water while they had Gin and Berry, and Vodka and Mango drinks.

In the last week we have been staying at Okato Domain and are having a great time as there local hoomans bring our relatives for walks over the fields and we are getting to make new friends.

They have these rabbits that can fly in the sky here – most frustrating as we have little chance to catch those on the ground but in the air is just silly. (the bush here is full with Kereru)

Mac has hurt his paw and the Hoomans took him to the doctor to have a look at it. It appears that a seed has lodged itself in between the toes and has become infected so he gets treats twice a day. This will delay our stay until he has finished all his treats.

Poppy took us for a walk to the Hangatahua River, alternatively known as the Stony River, this morning and we got to chase 3 rabbits on the way there. The little wascles can run fast. The river was clean and the water fresh, we enjoyed paddling but were not going for a swim as it was cold.

Aren’t hoomans just wonder full – They decide at mid-day with the temperatures in the mid to high 20’s to go for a walk in the bush – We thought that this is great until we got to the other side of the bush and they made us walk on leads in the sun to the shop where they the fat f’s got ice creams. Just for that Mac dropped a load so Poppy had to pick it up and carry it while he finished his ice cream – Good on you Mac.

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