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Back to Tinui

Left Riversdale and thought we would head back to Castlepoint so the boy could have a fish while I went with Mac and Rose back up the lighthouse. They have such interesting information to read up on the rock – one of the stories was of a Maori woman who was abducted by an older Maori man and held prisoner and who eventually threw herself over the cliff.

The fishing was unsuccessful but as the fisher-person stated; it was about fishing not catching fish which is what I pointed out to the proprietor of the Tinui Cafe and and Bar where we AGAIN visited so I could have fish and chips and park up for the evening.

We left Tinui and headed out towards Masterton for a laundry and shopping expedition. You meet interesting people in laundromats…… we finished our task and headed towards Eketahuna for a WSS (water/shit stop) and then turned Dogonit towards Mangatainoka. This was to be our overnight stop and it would have be rude not to stop at the Tui Brewery for a beer and a photo opportunity.




It was here that Rodney met his Waterloo…….thinking he could use their bathroom for a number 2 rather than subjecting Dogonit to the trauma………..imagine his ‘surprise’ to discover that they only had a urinal…..

We arrived back at Dogonit and decided that dinner was a step too far…; chips/nuts/beer/pimms for dinner lol

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