Two old wrinklies with two west highland terriers Traveling New Zealand

Where did the week go

Another week at Long Bay Coromandel and it still feels like yesterday that we started the journey. At the pace we have set in this early stage to travel New Zealand we may not finish. The journey to date has had all the trappings of being on the road yet with the comfort of living at home.

A perfect winters day

Last weekend we had guests from Auckland and had a great time doing absolutely doing nothing except eating and drinking. Thank you Wade and Trish for the visit – it is always good to catch up.

Wednesday seemed to follow Sunday – Two days that were in between seemed to morph into me bending my toes back and pleading for little a sympathy. But time passed as did the pain. These days were scheduled for me to clamber out to the end of the point on the rocks to go surf-casting but the foot did not want to participate.

Wednesday the weather was to close in so were more than happy to see Steve and Janine arrive in “Wheeling Around”. Great evening had catching up. Mac and Rose were in there element being spoiled with cuddles and affection that one would believe they never got from us.

Janine made an awesome bacon hock vegetable soup for shared tea and I got to try a new recipe for dinner rolls which were actually soft and light. For those interested google Japanese Milk Buns. Yumm

The weather closed last night with all the elements of rain, wind, thunder and lightning. Filled up a couple of buckets if any body in Auckland wants to come down. we can guarantee that the water has not been through a Waikato cow shed.

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