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Many Days and Nights Later

8th of July –  Ohaua B Canal was nice and calm in the morning so decided it was time to move on as if we believed Metservice we would be exposed to force and fury of mother nature.  (Donna the ice Queen was in search of Snow)


First stop was sorting out the waste water and fresh water. We are becoming connoisseur of these dump stations and with out a doubt the station at Omarama is the best so far. Didn’t even get my slippers wet.

South we headed and crossed Lindis Pass with the clay cliff standing to the right as we entered. What country side and what hardy farmers (unlike the Nancy boys in the Bay).  You get 10 x rabbits to the acre at best.


The crossing was uneventful even with the narrow but well maintained roads. No ice thank goodness.

Rain started to set in after the crossing the pass – Donna praying it was snow with every drop hitting the window.

Headed inland to Wanaka and past the War Birds static display. Didn’t pick our timing well with the rain pelting down and all the Jafa styled ski bunnies prancing around I couldn’t wait to set a new destination for the night.


Found a chemist which stocked the real medicine (good old super liquor even in Wanaka) and headed up between lake Hawera and Wanaka to our destination for the night a camping ground nearly at the Haast pass in a small community called Makaroa where the opportunity to fish looked good.  But talk about rain – no way was I going to get to fish. If I had been 545 years old I would have started building the Arck. (Good old Google) We hunkered down connected to power and watched movies and partook in the medicine gathered earlier.  By three in the morning I was sure we were experiencing a form of Chinese water torture. The rain on the roof had gone from therapeutic to F —n anoying.

9th July – Took the dogs for a walk in the rain and Mac actually chased his first rabbit. I must admit not very successfully but the attempt was made.

STILL NO SNOW. The Ice Queen was not best pleased.

Decided to head to Cormwell to do some laundry and a quick shop. On the way we did encounter some sleet . We stayed in the NZMCA camp ground at Cormwell – we were the only revelers in the camp for the night. Greenhithe Auckland experienced a power cut – one of at least 5 unscheduled cuts in the past 6 months. Vector in their wisdom send you a nice Text to tell you that the cut has occurred but some manager must have had a brain fade because they procedure does not include that another text is sent when power is restored. Welcome to the third world with sewage in the harbour,  jammed traffic systems, and general infrastructure a mess and what do we do build more bloody infill houses. Go figure. (I had to have a rave sorry)


10th July (1967 – remember) – Woke to a brisk but sunny morning. Had the normal start to the day – the Satellite dish decided to play dead ants and lay on its back pointing to the sky. So couldn’t go anywhere until the nice man from Apollo Entertainment gave me instructions how to reset it. Glad it wasn’t raining as had to climb on to the roof.

All good and off we went with ice warnings on the road to Queens Town. Scenery again was beyond the boy from Otorohanga college literary skills to describe.


Passed through Queenstown with haste – full of Lycra leggings and Puffer jackets. Not a fashion statement – bring back summer and the mini skirt.

Arrived at our destination Glenorchy Hotel in time for lunch and a couple of pints. Mac and Rose have been invited into the bar this evening so they are having to have afternoon naps so Poppy can remain longer in the bar tonight.




Good night God Bless – just might have to stay another night!!!

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