Two old wrinklies with two west highland terriers Traveling New Zealand

End of another weekend away

Sunday morning, the dogs are walked and am contemplating the day before departure.

Wade came up from Auckland to join us for the day and stayed until after tea.

We had an interesting day with a morning of surf-casting (without success) and ended with a great swim in the quarry.


The surf rolls into the mouth of the quarry and makes a great swim.

The afternoon was spent checking out the eye lids for pin holes and after many hours I still had found none.

The rain came and settled in for the evening and carried on latter into the night. No other option but to watch a movie recorded on the on-board NAS. Justice League does not really do it for me but I can say it was a good filler for the evening.

Back to the plans for the day – We will hang on until the tide comes in and then have a swim in the quarry prior to leaving. Hopefully we beat the traffic build up or we can just go slow and add to the congestion.

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