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On the road day 22

Well campers awoke at 3 am by the rooster who I believe has a death wish and then again by an owl at 4 am. Be buggered if I do not have a enough of a problem with the prostate with out the bloody wildlife. Just as well I didn’t have to go to work today. (or tomorrow or the day after …..)

Reading the Waiarapa NZMCA monthly news letter yesterday I noted that they mentioned that a new POP was going to be opened in Riversdale on the coast just south of Castle Point. I called Kevin the chair person and he advised they were still awaiting for the Council to grant consent but feltthat it would not be a problem to call in and ask.

The road trip for the day started with the important WSS (Water Shit Stop) in Carterton then we plotted our course. The silly bitch Mrs Garmin said we had to go back into to Masterton to gain access to Riversdale. Me the great navigator and cartographer decided the silly bitch (Mrs Garmin not Mrs Bosson) was wrong and there was a more direct route on the back roads.

We had a lovely trip through the country side we just about got to Ngahape when we realised we were up shit creek without the proverbial paddle and had to back track up my butt. We however did avoid Masterton by at least a kilometer but it took a good two hours.

Arrived in Riversdale with Donna and Rose with a desperate need to pee – I put Rose on a lead while Donna did the dance of the desperate next to the on-board loo. I know Rose was very grateful when she got to the grass. Mac just meandered sniffed and took his time.

Well the lady who was setting up the POP was not home so we decided to go to the beach access and carpark at the far end of the town. Just as we arrived a local came over and advised we were welcome to park in the carpark for the night. We felt we have fallen on our feet as there are hiking trails (dogs allowed) that start and loop around back to the carpark.


We walked down the beach and the dogs found a dead fur seal (in the back ground). Thank god we stopped Rose having good old roll. As we carried on down the beach Rose went up to the tussock and all we saw was a live seal lift its head just sleeping in the tussock. Not sure who got the bigger shock Rose or us. We quickly beat a retreat down the beach.

We have set up for the night and keeping up with the good tradition of happy hour. Cheers every body thinking of you.

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