Two old wrinklies with two west highland terriers Traveling New Zealand

Are we there yet!!

We departed Pukekoe AMP show grounds yesterday with no fuss and some trepidation as we were heading up the Coromandel west coast road.

Before commencing the diatribe of the trip I/we would like to express that the AMP showgrounds at Pukekoe would be one of the top spots to stay. The grounds are kept to high standard, the park is really pet friendly, easy walk to shops and the staff are exceptional.

The road from the Bombay exit to the Thames exit is abysmal and would be great place to utilise some Covid billions or the provincial growth fund (Come on Shane “bro”). We all enjoy paying our taxes but get a thrill to see that they have been put to good purpose. (This is not a party political broadcast)

The 54 kilometre trip from Thames to Coromandel was a test in patience for any poor bastard following us. It is the first time the driver was heard to say “are we there yet“.

Donna’s fingers are a feature found in all good photography!!
Following us is a Maui camper – seen following us on 4 separate occasions

We thought traveling during Wuhan Flue Level 1 (Covid-19 for the politically correct) would be quieter without the tourists. We found out that with the rental companies reducing the rates that the New Zealand renters are just as bad as the tourists. (No we did not see them shit in any bodies garden. ) We passed and were passed 4-5 times by the same Maui camper. They thought the passing bays were where you stopped to take pictures. Bloody frustrating with a line of 10 cars following at 40 Km/hr and you couldn’t let them pass.

One hour twenty minutes for 54 Kilometres you work out the math. Not the fastest trip but we got there in one piece and. Will be waiting a day or so for the butt to start to relax so I can go number twos.

Long Bay Motor Camp is every thing you could want. We are parked with the panoramic rear window facing the sea. The sunsets over the coming weeks will be awesome.

Will be exploring the coast on foot to find some great shore fishing spots to fill in the days.

Just as foot note – I have learnt the hard way not to ask for a cup of tea while Donna is baking – Baking soda does not enhance the flavor. YUK

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