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Just Bluffing

Here we are at the southernmost tip of the South Island in Bluff.20180729_120140

We made contact with our new travel friends Warren and Toni whom we met at Lake Te Anau and they had arranged two options for our stay in Bluff – one was at the back of the RSA; the other in a secure yard owned by them. When we arrived we met them at the RSA and checked out both locations; choosing the secure yard so that we had privacy.

Not only did Warren and Toni offer us the use of their yard but also took us sight-seeing (who knew that Bluff could be so interesting?) they also offered us the use of a vehicle for the duration of our stay. We were pretty blown away by their generosity……..even humbled by it.

After giving Mac a bath at their place following time at a leash-free dog park in Invercargill (covered in mud; the princess was immaculate in comparison) we had coffee and then we returned to Dogonit to freshen up before they picked us up and took us to the RSA for drinks. Boy…… talk about Southern hospitality!! The crowd at the RSA were great, we laughed, joked and enjoyed a cold beverage until it was time to go to the Eagle Hotel for a wonderful dinner that included oysters and paua which was followed by a guilt-free dessert (nah; just kidding lol) and liquers. It was then back to Dogonit and quite late (for old folk) before we prepared for bed.
Imagine how we felt when we pulled the covers back and discovered our bedding was saturated. One of our vents was open slightly and allowed the wind to blow rain inside. We had to strip the bed and remake it; the only saving grace was the waterproof mattress cover or we would have been more in the pooh. Thank goodness Warren had left the keys to his sheds in the car so we had somewhere to hang bedding to dry!!
We met them the following morning and headed out on a dog walk – four humans and the White Dog Gang.


The weather had cleared so we could see Dog Island and Steward Island in the distance. It was a little cool but well worth the walk despite us all feeling a little seedy from the previous night.
We followed the walk with a lovely lunch of cheese puffs (one of my favourites!! And spent a couple of hours chatting before we headed home to Dogonit to have a rest before Chef Rod prepares a dessert to match the lovely roast that Toni is cooking for our dinner.

Dinner was of course…..PERFECT!! It was lovely to share a meal with them and admire the beautiful view overlooking the harbour and Ti Wai Point. We ate till we were stuffed and then returned to Dogonit tot full to do anything but fall into bed.
Today we did the ‘housework’ before Warren and Toni arrived – Warren to pick up his car so he could go off to work and Toni to chauffeur us around the sights of Bluff starting with Imauri Beach where I collected some rocks. The dogs Mac, Rose, Rastus and Jimmy had a ball playing together and honning up and down the beach.

Our next stop was Bluff Hill to admire the 360 degree views; looking from Stewart Island to the bottom of the Alps….. it was just stunning; particularly because the day was clear and the sun was shining. There was also the remains of a Navy radar station.


We headed for the bottom of the walking track where we could hear the Tuis and Warblers and watch the wood pigeons. There were also the remains of military posts erected at the end of WWI.

By this time we could feel a poppy nap coming on; so after fortifying ourselves with food we are enjoying some R & R.

Tonight we are hosting Toni on board Dogonit for dinner as Warren will still be at work.

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