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The Long Journey

Morning of the 27th looked at what options we had as we have a rendezvous with the couple we met in Te Anau on Saturday afternoon in Bluff. (Still oyster season aye Donna) So were in a bit of a loss as what to do in the meantime. The weather closed in and when we went to look at the river there was very little chance of fishing as the water was dirty and fast.

Drove along a road beside the river to find it had been blocked off and no turn area. The ground was wet so had to try and negotiate a 60 point turn and managed to take off the drain for the fresh water tank on the curb. The drain hangs down 100 mm below any other appendage under the RV. Bugger and a few other words were said out loud as 170 litres of water dumped on the road  along with the PVC fitting.


Well that changed our leisurely plans for the rest of the day either I effected a repair or we were buggered for the rest of the trip with no fresh water. We parked in the middle of the Gore Town and Country Club in the camping car park all of 200 meters from where we stayed last night.(hence the title “the long journey)  Backed the Dogonit up on the leveling ramps so I could slither my slim body under her. (A while since I have been able slither under usually working on top)

Two options to effect a repair either epoxy the original fittings or find a way plugging the hole. Off to the hardware store – 20 minute walk got me to Placemakers found the perfect fitting a tank gland with a screw in bung. Problem was that they only went up to 20mm and yes bloody Murphy had been and I need a 25mm. Next stop PPG Wrightson and thank you Murphy for staying away they had the fittings.

All fitted and secure no leaks – touch wood.

The Club was awesome last night with good food and the patrons and staff were very friendly. Bought a raffle tickets to help support the club and yes the day only got better – Pork chops for tea.

For $8 per night we get water, power and toilet inclusive. Washing machine $3 per load and $2 for 45 minutes in the dryer. Showers are $1 for 10 minutes. There are 14 sites here and and a staff member was telling Donna they turnover $20,000 plus per-annum. My hat off to the Town and Country Club what a facility.

On the road agian …………. Watch out Bluff Oysters!!!!!!

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