Two old wrinklies with two west highland terriers Traveling New Zealand

The big trip

On the road again after a rather exhilarating trip to Hong Kong for the 7’s but did arrive home needing a blood transfusion and a brain and liver transplant (we have not put it down to the drink or the excessive food or lack of sleep but just our young fragile age).


We have planned this trip prior to taking delivery of the our beloved Dogonit and it is a trip best described as giving respect to those that respected our freedom and made New Zealand along with the Tangatawhenua and the early settlers what we are today as a nation (good or bad). Our initial major milestone being Pukeahu the tomb of the Unknown Soldier on ANZAC dawn service.

On planning the trip we had envisaged a relaxed take off from 39 Bernard Magnus but as always we seemed to stumble at the last post or two making the departure bitter sweet. With our last visit to the Acasia Motors whom we bought the motor home from and whom we had organised to order the last items to make Dogonit how we envisaged her when we ordered her. We found out last Wednesday this was not to be. I had but two choices either marry the owner to our first born or start quoting the Consumer Guarantees Act. The Consumer Guarantee’s Act worked well and the owner has been spared.

The weather as usual was totally in sync with the start of the trip by literally causing as much stress and mayhem and giving us all an unexpected baths. We finally departed Pokeno at 1 PM and finally had smiles on our face as we were being buffeted by the wind going past Mercer on the way south.

We made good time and were at Little Waipa  for the night. The place is what has made the day just the best. Next to the top reaches of lake Karipiro (dogs are good) and just awesome views of the river/lake and the country side.


A barbeque (gas supplied free) and self-composting CLEAN toilets on offer. Thank you Waikato and Auckland please look and listen and rather than driving away visitors and residents try and attract people to stay and spend.  Someone has to pay for the lovely new kerbs and intersection near the new Mayors residence out Kumeu way.

Moving south tomorrow not sure as to the destination just the direction. The weather is going to play a major part in the final resting place.

No internet this evening so this post will be posted tomorrow. (As if you care)

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