Two old wrinklies with two west highland terriers Traveling New Zealand

Down on the Farm…..

We are still at the farm with Rod assisting as farm labourer while Rose has become a farm dog……….she is loving hunting with Lucky and Pepper (Steve and Anne-Marie’s dogs) I called her for breakfast this morning and she didn’t come which was surprising. I called for ages and eventually Steve tracked her down……….she was off with her two new besties hunting while Mac hung around ‘home’.


Both Mac and Rose have been ‘stung’ by the electric fence……Mac almost immediately on arrival on his head and Rose a day or so later on her butt. Mac was also taken on by Pepper and his confidence was knocked about if not his dignity.

They have loved the freedom that comes with staying on the farm and Rose has taken to riding on the bike and Mule and will leave Poppy to go to Steve to get a ride on either transport.


The weather has been a game of two halves with washing an issue to dry at times but the hospitality has been great!! We are looking at moving on at the end of the week but we are still enjoying the nomadic lifestyle and there is a sense of excitement as we plan for the next stop.

Visited Te Mata Peak today with Steve; what an amazing peak it is and the view is spectacular!!


As you can see from the photos it is also almost endless. Considering we are 699 meters above mean sea level it was amazing to see the seashells embedded in the rocks.


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