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Bugger the chores!!!

The list of work to complete prior to getting back on the road is slowly but surely being whittled down. We have set a tentative date of the 6th of April to depart and begin our journey. That is as long as Tinker Bell alias “Cindy” does not put the country into lock down. Things will be what they will be and we have already a contingency if this were to happen.

The famous Bones “The Driver Extraordinaire” bought the spare axial’s up from Hastings and we swapped a go cart engine for the axial’s at Wiri.

Picked up the engine from Parakai and delivered the next morning. Comments on the loading practice’s are not warranted.

The axial’s are stowed in the shed (Cleaned by Donna) hopefully I will never need them. We have a spare set of tire’s and rims (5 of), a full set of suspension as well as the axial’s and hubs.

As always things that can go wrong go wrong – The first was the floor in one area felt “soft”. At the same time we noted the water pump was starting and stopping. The immediate conclusion was a water leak under the floor spraying up. After discussing the issue with the appointed Loss Adjuster we decided that they were basically useless and organised the repair our selves. It worked out the door had been moved in the houses previous life and the floor where every body stepped onto was not nogged correctly hence the floor was getting soft. Replaced the section of floor and low and behold just as the DIY master was finishing I dropped the hammer in the edge of the tiled floor. Bugger was not a word that came to mind as it was far to polite.

Next was the investigation of the pump. Found a leak in an old isolation valve repaired and checked the pump the bearings were screaming as it had been over worked (I know the feeling) and was over 12 years old. I thought of replacing the bearings but had the vision of it failing as we drove up the road. Hand in the pocket – bloody pockets are getting deeper and deeper – and a new pump was procured and I then installed it and to date working fine.

We are well under the way of getting the gardens barked and finished – Donna has undertaken to distribute the bark and will be an asset to any landscaper if any thing happens to me. LOL

While all of this and other chores are being ticked off we have been to the opticians, dentist, and doctors and had all the appropriate pokes and jabs. I have got the go pro checking out my bladder for leaks next Monday and Donna has surgery on her thumb on Thursday and then we will be all over with the self care.

One of the important projects is completed by moi – the fishing rods are now on board. Note there is room for more!!!! The three piece surf caster is under the seat.

Poor old Mac and Rose have been bored to tears as we have not been pampering them and taking them for walks etc. They have even given up wanting to get in the car as all they do is drive around to the shops etc and then back home.

We are on target to bugger off coddiwompling – to avoid contact with people we think we will just find a quiet beach with nothing to do but fish and eat fish and fish again – and reflect on all the people who are not doing the same.

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