Two old wrinklies with two west highland terriers Traveling New Zealand


So here are……another day, another destination!!

Rod started the morning with a big walk in Plimmerton before we moved on.; while I did some ‘housework’ After our usual WSS (water/shit/station) stop we arrived in Waikanae and pulled into the freedom camping space at Waikanae Estuary. What a great location for self-contained vehicles (no public toilets)!! The best of both water worlds with the estuary and beach close to hand!!


Mac and Rose have had a ball romping around finding dead things to roll in and playing tag!! One of the reasons for choosing this location was to meet up with two ‘old’ friends – Jo and Beth. It was a great reunion and it felt like no time had passed. It never ceases to amaze me when this happens; I haven’t seen Jo since 2007/8 but it was like we only met up yesterday……..well until her son Matthew arrived who is due to attend Otago (next year)? and was only 5 when I last saw him…………..feeling my age.

We enjoyed the cuisine at the local cafe and we have talked and laughed through some great memories!! We are unsure about how long we will stay but we know there is a weather low on the horizon pending Saturday which we want to miss as we travel towards Cape Palliser.

We were approached by two people today both of whom were interested in our canine set-up and asked to take photos – one of them is a caravanner and has dog and wanted to create her own set-up for her dog.

The other was a part-time journalist who writes for a small publication positive stories about every-day people who do positive things. While talking to her about our set-up she asked if she could write an article about how we are travelling with two dogs in an RV. Although we were initially reluctant (based on past experience) she allayed our concerns and we spent an hour with her while she listened to what we had done to ensure Mac and Rose enjoyed their RV experience…………funny how people seem interested

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