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Leigh – Auckland Chapter Rally

What a great day!! We woke and decided to walk the dogs together to work off the AMAZING fish and chips [and the chocolate] we ate the night before!! We walked down to the wharf – watching those intrepid fisherman about to embark on a day’s fishing.

Obviously our pathfinder (Rodney) chose a route that was up-hill and down dale with plenty of stairs but it was worth the view!!

We relaxed until it was time for the dog show. We were entered as participants number 5 (Rose) and number 7 (Mac). There were 12 dogs in the events and they all provided varying levels of entertainment. Mac and Rose did reasonable well and Mac was in the running just missing out on 3rd prize for the agility section. Rose took out a prize for the best look-alike lol (her brother was her closest look-a-like and Mac won 4th in the agility section. The judges were extremely impartial – ‘Simon Cowell and Cruella De Ville’ added plenty of entertainment to the event.

Leigh school provided a great venue with toilets and a hall and it was well-managed by some amazing volunteers.

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