Two old wrinklies with two west highland terriers Traveling New Zealand

Wrinklier Wrinklies

Miranda Hot Springs in the dog park for a couple of days was quite the experience. Mac and Rose enjoyed the larger pen and having water and power made the stay all the better.

The first night we wandered off to the hot pools at 7:30 pm and really felt that we were at a kindergarten swimmerthon. Should have read the brochures children are to vacate the pools at 8:00 pm. Thoroughly enjoyed the quiet for a further hour. Donna had wrinkles on her wrinkles by the time we vacated and wandered back to our home. Rose was that upset she used the tissues to wipe her nose.

We had a quiet day on the second day with a visit to Thames for me to do the grocery shopping while Donna got in some desperately needed retail therapy. Steve and Janine joined in the afternoon and the four of us partook in washing off dead wrinkly skin cells with about 20 other geriatrics in the hot pool.

The next morning was a game of putt putt in the cold southerly breeze with Steve and Janine.

Friday was travel day and the return to Pukekohe. The window in the truck needed to be resealed under warranty at Isuzu. Wade and Trish visited Saturday night and great evening was had by all. Thank you guys!!

A quiet night on Sunday with the dogs and Mac became awfully cuddly and Donna enjoyed the moment

Monday had a friend (who I went to Otewa primary and Otorohanga secondary school, no intermediate in those days) with. Johnathan stayed two days and hopefully will join us again on our journey.

He hasn’t aged as well as me but he has always looked much older and was going to wholesalers at the age of 16. Just as well as it would have meant we would have had to go to the pictures on Friday night instead of sitting up Honikiwi hill drinking.

Rose got a bug and was not well for two days but is all good now but did mean we had visit to the vet.

We are here until we leave some day.

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