Two old wrinklies with two west highland terriers Traveling New Zealand

Mahia at the Boat Shed

Moved on from Napier. Feeling a bit lost as I know we are on the track home.

First stop SWS (shit water stop) ready for what the road along the coast will bring


First stop was Wairoa Wines and Spirits for Donna’s bottle of Champa’s so as she can watch the Royal Wedding (Boo Hoo for me). Round the corner to the laundry and morning tea. Stopped next to the riverside park. Donna was relegated to sit in the laundry talking to all the single men doing their laundry and thinking about me doing the dishes which I forgot totally to do. (Boo Hoo for me again) I was also was meant to take the dogs along the river bank park for a walk. Well low and behold the Mongrel Mob arrived and had fish and chips for lunch right next to Dogonit. (No I did not take selfies eating their fish and chips with them). The English bull dog mascot was strutting his stuff being thrown the occasional chip. Rose the little white dog (miss bark alot) decides that the park was hers and gave per verbal F off of my turf at the window.  Watched the rear vision mirror when leaving Wairoa.

Contacted our hosts at Mahia to ensure we had a spot for the night and what a spot it is.


The trip was again full of awesome NZ scenery I wish the photos could do it justice.



Pork belly for tea with steamed carrots and peas. Donna will no doubt then pig out on her Lewis Road Peanut Butter ice-cream and then retire to the TV room to watch the Royal wedding. This camping is tough!!!!


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