Two old wrinklies with two west highland terriers Traveling New Zealand

It blew and blew.

The winding road song comes to mind to describe the trip from Mangatainoka to Herbertville Beach. At one stage we had another pucker moment when we were  exposed to the wind on top of the ridge. We slowed down that much we got passed by a stock truck and trailer.



On our way we went through Wimbledon looked for the wombles but could not find the Air Force barracks. (Sorry Bo couldn’t resist)


On wards to Herbertville Beach looking for the Free Parking at Burnview Station. We parked on the side of the private road trying to find out the place to park to find out that we got it right the first time and we were in the correct spot. We were joined by another RV and introduced ourselves to Trevor and Judy and had a great evening with them discussing all the ills of the world while imbibing in our chosen poisons.

A long walk down the beach in the morning in a gale. The sand was traveling sideways.  Blew out any cobwebs from the evening before. On returning to Dogonit we said our good byes to Trevor and Judy.


On the road again to our next destination to the Free camping site at the Porangahau beach. The journey took us past the place with the New Zealand longest place name.


Te Reo exponents will be asked how to pronounce this on our next meeting (Emma and Bo).

The following photo epitomises  what we are seeing in rural New Zealand. Horses being ridden bear back on the wrong side of the street.IMG_20180506_122209

We arrived at the campsite and yet again another stunning beach. Shame the wind was so gusty as it would be a perfect beach to set the kite long line.

Time to post this as starting to get RSI if the two first fingers on each hand.

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