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Motor Home living in the bad weather is not so bad

We moved on from Rangiwahia early yesterday morning. We would recommend the park it was so quiet and in the middle of a nestled farming community. Rose however did want to use the new hot/cold outdoor shower prior to leaving and so found the largest and smelliest chook poo  to have a roll in. I think she is two minds as to weather the new shower is good or bad. From my prospective it was brilliant and did the job admirably.

A slow drive through the country side to Fielding where we did our normal fill and empty of the utilities then headed to the old familiar Timona park. we found a good spot and parked side on to the wind and set up the Dog pen in the shelter of the van.

This morning we made a hike to the Fielding Farmers market were we bought the majority of our needs at Food town on the way home – go figure re the market.

Donna had friends over this  afternoon and drinks have been consumed and every one is mellow and looking forward to a quiet night.

Battery is running low so will post and catch up tomorrow.

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