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Sh_t Happens

The Dogonit website was hacked and the database literally deleted. I left the FTP port open (for the those that are curious). But we had it covered with a back up of the site and the database. The only issue was that the backup was a weekly backup so we lost the last trips posts and comments. Lesson learnt we have closed the FTP port and now do a daily backup.

After this crap it must be time for a holiday. So we are off tomorrow not sure where at this time either the east coast or the west coast. (I know that was a no shit Sherlock moment). The wind was meant to swing to the SW this week but it has fluffed around in an easterly direction giving me all the excuses I need  to be undecided.

We are having spare floor carpets made for the motor home and they are going to be fitted in the morning so will be off at midday.  Picking up Trish on the way so will have an on-board guest for the first time.

Will post when we arrive at the weekend retreat to let you know where will be suffering.


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