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The Deep South

Spent a second night at the NZMCA in Te Anau mainly due to the wonderful companions who arrived late on the first day and who also had two little white dogs (although not Westies); Warren and Toni are from Bluff and were taking their caravan for it’s maiden voyage. We got along well enough in the afternoon that we suggested happy hour at our place. They arrived with nibbles; enough said that dinner was late that night!!

The next day Mac-Rose enjoyed an early morning walk and then we went shopping– sorting more tackle etc. for Rod’s trout line, and more groceries/wine etc. Rod gave the van a wash and we did some ‘housework’ stuff.

Toni and Warren suggested another happy hour for that evening which lasted longer than the previous night but was also really enjoyable!! It is really great when we meet such lovely people and we have arranged to catch up when we visit Bluff. Had some excitement with another member (no, we were not involved). The next morning prior to departure we had coffee with our new friends and made our plans for Bluff where we will meet up.


One of our new friends living opposite NZMCA

We enjoyed Te Anau and felt we should enjoy more of it’s scenic delights so decided to spend our ‘On-Power Night’ at the Lake View Camp just off the lake-side. The staff were friendly and we were quickly settled into our spot.  I did the laundry and then we were taking Mac-Rose for a long stroll through the park. We enjoy the luxury of being on power as we can have long showers and in this instance the shower rooms were really modern and heated but the other of this coin is that there are more people coming and going.

The next morning meandered south via Manapouri  (Damn the Dam – for those in their late 50’s) and detoured  to Lake Monowai.



South heading for Tuatapere for the night but temporarily changed our minds and headed for Monkey Island (no real monkeys were involved in the naming of the island – it had something to do landing supplies in the early days).


It was a great surf beach and Mac-Rose loved their time there but we were not really impressed with the freedom camping area; thought it was more suitable for smaller vehicles than Dogonit so we headed back to Tuatapere to Wairoa Town and Country for the night. We arrived and had a couple of drinks before heading back to Dogonit to watch TV and bed.



Please no jokes about – “Where is Phil”

The next morning we packed up and headed for Invercargill. I have to admit that the last time I travelled through here it was a weekend and the place was sooooo quiet but this time it was really lively. We went to the Caltex to fill up and couldn’t have had better service from a lovely young Irishman. I asked him how long he had been in New Zealand and he said 13 years; he met a Kiwi girl and they married and now have two children.

We did some dog-meat shopping and then we headed to a dog park which was amazing; what a great resource for the locals!! We also went to Spotlight for me so I could finally finish the shawl I have been making while away. The knitting is complete but I am adding a fur edge to it.

We left Invercargill and headed for Oreti River Bridge; a freedom parking area. It is beautiful and the locals are friendly (fantails and wood-pigeon) make for a lovely welcome.  Rod has been out with his trout rod but he has tweaked his back so is taking it slowly…….the trout prove elusive at this stage but it is a whole new style of fishing to adapt to…….patience is a virtue as they say. Watch this space!!

Tomorrow we intend to head off and make our way to Piano Flats following our usual WSS. Piano Flats is a DOC park and we are hoping that it is high enough that we may ‘see’ some snow!! More than likely there will be no cell-phone/internet coverage so we may be off-grid for several days. Fingers crossed as these intepid travellers face adversity looking for the perfect snow so Donna can make a snow angel lol.

Until our next post ……………….be careful out there!!

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