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Summer Break

Firstly I would like to apologize on the behalf of Donna and myself for being tardy in not posting more regularly. This post covers 3 months and I have either the option of condensing our adventures or making the post very long which would most probably bore the pants off the reader. We have had a short discussion where I suggested that we try to post our blog on a weekly/fortnightly and was advised that I need to lift my game. At times I wish I was born a mute.

Firstly we would like to thank our gracious hosts over the summer Donna and Allan. They made their place available for us to complete our many tasks we needed to under take and also made us very welcome in their home for Christmas.

Hmm must have been happy hour!!

The food over Christmas New Year was as always great but far to much but more tempting for some than others.

The summer we spent doing a list of chores on the truck and the 5th wheel. The lists comprised of general maintenance such as new COF for the truck, solar panels clean and check, brakes on the 5th wheel, grease the suspension and clean prime and paint the chassis. We had some major items that need to be planed and procured.

The first was the replacement oven as we had problems the original oven from day one and even after replacing most of the parts the problem returned. On further investigation there was a faulty “gas” switch made in Spain that kept failing and they did not make any more so the only option was to replace the oven. The oven is a 21 inch oven which is on the large side for and RV and the closest we could get in NZ was approx. 18 inches. If we had gone down this route there would have needed to be some serious cabinetry work done to keep the style of the interior. After some discussion we decided to import a new model the same size from USA.  The oven was purchased then came the issue of shipping and this is a very fluid dynamic in the world today with cargo being bumped off all around the world. We ordered the oven mid-November and it arrived mid-February and it was worth the delays as it is a breeze to light and cook in.

After many days siting on the beach with surf caster in hand and only catching the occasional kahawai and undersize snapper it was decided that a boat would be needed for future sanity. To achieve this it required that a roof rack was mounted on the roof of the truck. This turned out to be the first issue as brackets that fitted the Isuzu truck mounting holes were no longer made. I managed to track down a pair in Australia and thanks to Donna’s brother had them sent over. On arrival mid-December I had a second pair manufactured in Waiuku. As we all know the issue with the couriers over this period this was reflected with the problems of getting the roof rack delivered to Manukau for pick up.  While we waited for the brackets and the roof rack to arrive we set about fitting a “crane” to the back of the truck which included the wielding of a 20mm plate on the tank structure. We stripped off the chequer plate off the top of the tank to achieve this then after the plate was fitted we refitted the chequer plate and relocated the bike rack. The last but not least was the boat and motor which combined weight is less than 90 kilos. We managed to find one and picked it up New Year’s  eve in Thames.

We did a number of other smaller items such as new shelf in the pantry, install a wifi extender so as we could use the utilise the internet modem installed in the 5th wheel trim the dogs and get our booster.

The summer was not all work and no play we also went with Allan and Donna to AJ’s park on Lake Karapiro for a weekend. Had great time and unfortunately it will be the only time we visit as AJ has sold and the park will close.

We had friends visit while we were Waiuku with Wade and Trish visiting twice over the period of our stay. Emma came for a night and Mac and Rose, as were we, delighted to have her stay.

Another great visit was from Thanee and Tania. It was great catching.

We had to travel home on the Shore and took the time to visit Sandra and John and Bo and Liz.

We enjoy meeting new people on our travels and making new friends but it is good to catch up with OLD friends.

It was a sad day when we left Waiuku as we were made so welcome but as Arny says “We will be back”

Fresh tomatoes from Allan and Donna’s garden

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