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Exhausted at Takapau

So…..started the day doing housework most of the morning…………boy you have no idea how much dust and grit accumulates in the vehicle over a few weeks. Although I do a sweep and mop regularly this was a full-on clean including the dashboard all the way back to the bedroom.

Luckily it has been amazing weather the last two days so we could put the carpets outside for a thorough brushing. Rod took the kitchen cupboards out so he could work out where the air was in the pipes – caused by the lackluster work done by Acacia Motors yet again (BLEAT OVER)

We had a healthy lunch and then took the puppies for a walk through Takapau. We noticed there are a large number of what appeared to be aggressive large dogs in the area and very little in the way of shops (only a 4-Square). It appears that Takapau has had an unfortunate history of ram-robberies so that may be why there is little here in the way of shops……… pub but they do have an RSA.

I fell in love with the frontage of the very artistic crafts shop……….thought you might like to see it.


We will be moving on tomorrow heading towards Napier to look at sheep-skin covers for the front seats (our poor bums need softer comfort over the long distances travelled) and other necessities.

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