Hi De Hi campers

All good got the new AV/NAV system installed and home by 13:00 or 1:00 pm for the fly boys reading this post. Picked up Donna and the two terrors and did a quick mercy dash to the whole sales for some sanity juice.

Arrived at Liegh at 15:30 or just after afternoon tea (fly boys times again) Quiet trip with the dogs sleeping all the way.

We are the youngest here by I think at least 10 years. All good Donna in her eliment. I felt guilty re the comment of volentary euthenasia in my earlier post. Had to laugh there is an agility course for the dogs tomorrow will be interesting if half the humans can keep up.

Liegh fish and chips for tea. Snapper was to die for.  Early night so as we keep the up with the rest of the crew tomorrow. Lots of photos tomorrow mainly stills (not lot of motion happening)

Good night sleep tight.


A typical day of departure

Today we are off to Leigh to a Rally for Dogs in RV’s. (Hi Di Hi campers) Prior to going however we have to get the AV/Nav system installed. This week has been one were even in semi retirement the stress of trying to just buy something makes you want to vote of selective euthanasia.

We had scheduled for Wednesday all the small warranty issues to be dealt with by Zion Motorhomes. Included in this was the installation of a new AV/Nav system.  (The one that came with the motor home was Puss to put it polity – Sony.) I had sorted out to but a JVC – Kenwood to replace it. This was meant to be delivered on the Wednesday. Yeah right PBT couriers and the distribution center for JVC – Kenwood couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery. Listen every body Pokeno is rural next time over the Bombays have a look at what is class as rural.

As you can imagine it didn’t arrive so had to leave without any system installed. It turns out it took PBT Couriers 36 hours to deliver it to NZ Post so as they can deliver it. Go PBT Couriers Ra Ra New Zealand owned and all.

I am as I write this post in Pokeno awaiting the delivery (?). A Rural NZ Post van has been and gone and believe it or not the driver is owner operator and can not deliver for NZ Post in this area and a non sign written electric van will appear in the near future which delivers for NZ Post. Confused – If not please explain it to me some time.

If the system does not arrive on the next courier I will have the Sony system reinstalled so as we have a reversing camera. That will save Donna having to guide me into parking spots etc. and probably creating a very stressful event.

Will post latter to advise the outcome.

Leigh Auckland Rally

Looking forward to this rally as it’s all about the dogs. Best dressed/agility etc. lol……thinking Mac & Rose will be spectators……no dress-ups Nanny but will wear a bandana.

Looking forward

We are at base for the next few days at least until after the 7th as Dogonit is having a few minor warranty repairs and a few adjustments back at  Zion Motor Homes (formerly Acacia Motor Homes).

Photos of Rose after she has been reunited with Boney (her soft toy of 12 months) after it was misplaced under the mattress in Dogonit.

We are on line

At last we are online. This website/blog is a record of our travels with Mac and Rose in our motor home Dogonit. The intention is to write a post including photos every day while on the road. Please do make constructive comments we like being praised as we are only human.