Many days on.

Since the last post I traveled from Taupo to Hastings and managed to loose the cover of the intake for the fridge air supply. No issues I had Mac to sooth the nerves and keep me in the right direction.


For the forth occasion of the year I arrived ant Steve and Ann-Marie’s to bludge a dinner and a hand to sought out the issue. Come Monday morning I contacted Murray from Hawks Bay Caravans and low and behold he had a spare cover and I must say the price was a very pleasant surprise. Fitted the cover and were ready to rock and roll forward on the my mercy dash to the South Island to save Heather from my wife.

Tea on Monday night was at Steve’s neighbors and a great meal it was thanks Bec’s and Johnny for a great meal and company. The night ended with Johnny becoming my worst companion I could imagine for the rest of the trip to Christchurch.

10:00 am Tuesday I picked up Johnny (with no beers in hand) and headed down route 50 towards the saddle. First mistake was to take advise re the route and sure enough the road was closed. Lunched on home made soup next to the river at the eastern entrance to the old gorge. Pahiatua track was our only option as the Remutaka’s were closed due to snow.

Across we went no issues yet I could tell either poor old Johnny’s nerves were beginning to show or the dry spell for since leaving Hastings was beginning cause withdrawals.

The wind started to pick up going down the Wellington motorway and the rain was turning to sleet. We began to really look forward to the ferry crossing at 8:30 pm. Picked up an old roasted chook bread rolls and a salad for tea. Johnny picked up 15 stubbies for medication to calm his every growing nerves.

Arrived at Plimerton NZMCZA camper park at around 4 PM to walk Mac and Rose. By the time we boarded the ferry Johnny was all out of beers and starting to moan how he missed home. He said he would by the kids a horse if that is what it took for so he could go home. (Bec’s you have my sympathy)

Man was it cold in Wellington or so we thought because after the smooth crossing we encountered -3 degrees in Picton. Donna all is forgiven I thought it was a woman’s thing to express them selves in the negative but boy did I hear how cold the gate was going into the caravan park and how cold the grass was and how cold the air was.


Johnny was well beyond his 8:00 oclock bed time by the time we had settled at 2 in the morning he wanted a bed time story so after I had a few whiskies I managed to tell him a bed time story he was tucked up in bed with Mac and snoring in no time.

A rude awakening in the morning – not going into it – but I tell you it was more than anybody needed before breakfast. Packed up and on our way by 8:30 am. What amazing country and size of the vineyards will keep Donna in wine for the rest of her days – Yes ladies and gentlemen they were that extensive.

The road works going down the Kiakoura coast was extensive and the scenery spectacular.


Arrived at Kaikoura early afternoon Johnny nominated him self as the bitch for the evening and is cooking tea giving me time to write the blog instead of wiping his sniveling nose.

Johnny all I can say revenge is a dish served cold and boy will it be cold again tonight.

On the road again

On the road again taking ten days to get to Christchurch give or take a day depending on the weather and the hospitality I find on the way. It’s been 4 weeks since arriving home and the time at home has been well spent but the weather in the last week has meant that I have not managed to complete all the work in the garden I was hoping to. The roses have been pruned early this winter but the ground is a sodden mess so have not fertilised. It doesn’t help when I have two little helpers digging holes where ever I weed.


Donna has left me for another woman so are setting out on a boy’s road trip with Mac. We are taking a camper van bitch to keep house and cook. Rose will need some lessons on how to accomplish a high standard that I am used to but we have time.

Closed the house up and turned off all the gas and hot water. Locked the gate at midday and headed onto the road. First stop was going to be Huntly Golf Course just one and a half hours from home but the road conditions and the weather gave me the incentive to travel on to Taupo. Staying the night on private property “Taupo Furniture Removals”

Mac and Rose traveled well even though it was an extended trip. we stopped for a wee stop at the picnic area next to the Kinleith Mill. Settling if for the night watching the rugby. Not starting early tomorrow to let the ice on the Napier Taupo.

This a a brief post due to time traveled and darkness setting early made taking photos impossible. Shorter trip tomorrow back to Steve and Anne-Marie’s place. They will start charging camp ground fees this being the fourth visit this year.